Wells Fargo Autograph Visa Credit Card: A variety of common expenditure categories, including travel, restaurants, gas stations, and transportation, earn additional benefits when using the Wells Fargo Autograph Card. With its welcome bonus offer, travel privileges, and other features, this no-annual-fee card is quite valuable.  The Wells Fargo Autograph Visa Credit Card offers a three-point return for every dollar spent at restaurants, travel agencies, petrol stations, transportation, popular streaming services and phone plans, and one point for every dollar spent on other transactions.

This Wells Fargo Autograph Visa Credit Card is ideal for anybody looking for a high-reward credit card that doesn’t need an annual fee. There is no yearly cost, and it also has a number of worthwhile perks. The cardholders may use their accrued points to make trip reservations, get gift cards from a variety of retailers, or get a statement credit. Some travel and purchasing safeguards, such as 24-hour roadside assistance and secondary auto rental car insurance, are also included, along with protection for your cell phone.

The Visa Signature card has access to the advantages and privileges of the Visa Signature Luxury hotel collection, even if it lacks the travel benefits of a premium travel rewards credit card. Additionally, there are no foreign currency translation costs. The Autograph is a good no-annual-fee card with good points and bonuses, but you won’t get airline advantages or elite status just by having it. Let us see the wells fargo autograph card review, in this article.

The Fundamental of Wells Fargo Autograph Visa Credit Card

  • The annual cost is $0.
  • Upon spending $1,500 on purchases during the first three months after creating an account, you will receive a welcome bonus of 30,000 points.
  • Rewards: 1 point per $1 for other transactions, and 3 points per $1 at dining establishments, travel, petrol stations, transportation, popular streaming services, and phone contracts.
  • APR: Purchases and balance transfers are subject to a variable APR of 20.24%, 25.24%, or 29.99% after the first 12 months of the account’s creation at 0% intro APR. Balance transfers using the Wells Fargo Autograph Visa Credit Card are subject to a $5 minimum and an up to 5% charge.
  • In addition, there are roadside assistance services around-the-clock, cell phone protection, secondary auto rental collision damage waiver, travel and emergency services help, FICO credit score monitoring, emergency cash disbursement and card replacement, and My Wells Fargo Deals included.
  • What preapproval tools does the issuer offer? Yes.
  • Good to exceptional credit is advised.

Specifications for the Wells Fargo Autograph card.

In restaurants, travel, petrol stations, transportation, popular streaming services and phone plans, the Wells Fargo Autograph card earns three points for every dollar spent, while other expenditures earn one point for every dollar spent. Following $1,500 in purchases within the first three months of the account opening, the welcome incentive is presently 30,000 points.

wells fargo autograph visa credit card

You may use points to pay for purchases at certain online retailers or to cover qualified card transactions. You can also use points to redeem for gift cards, flights, hotels, and auto rentals. Additionally, points can be donated to deserving nonprofits. There is no online option for redeeming travel. Call 1-877-517-1358 to reach Wells Fargo Rewards Customer Service in order to exchange your Wells Fargo points for travel.

Perks of Wells Fargo Autograph

  • Common spending categories: Travel, dining out, and streaming services are just a few of the places where the Autograph card rewards points for every $1 spent.
  • Travel benefits: The Wells Fargo Autograph Visa Credit Card offers a number of travel safeguards, such as roadside assistance, travel and emergency services support, and rental vehicle insurance, all of which are available around-the-clock.
  • Free exchange of foreign currencies: When travelling outside of the United States, use the Wells Fargo Autograph Visa Credit Card  to make transactions without incurring additional costs.

Drawbacks of Wells Fargo Autograph

  • Balance transfers are not subject to the introductory APR; it only applies to new card purchases.
  • Not partnered with any travel transfer companies: Although there are no loyalty reward transfer partners available with the programme, points can be used for travel.
  • Potentially high APR: Depending on your credit score, you can have a high interest rate beyond the promotional period.

Rewards programme additional benefits for Wells Fargo Autograph Visa Credit Card

  1. Incentives for regular purchases: It is advisable to highlight a few of the Wells Fargo Autograph’s salient characteristics before weighing its advantages and disadvantages. Enjoy a comparatively high rewards rate on a number of frequent spending categories with this Wells Fargo Autograph Visa Credit Card, which is a nice feature. When you make purchases with your card, you’ll automatically receive three times as many points on dining establishments, transportation, hotels, petrol stations, charging stations for electric vehicles, popular streaming services and phone plans. Also, you will receive 1X points for additional purchases.
  2. View My Wells Fargo Offers: Extra points may be obtained via My Wells Fargo Deals, an offers network financed by merchants that covers purchases for experiences, restaurants, and shopping.
  3. APR offer that is initial: A bigger purchase you have planned may be partially or fully funded by the welcome bonus, and you may be able to save money over the first 12 months of the offer’s 0% intro APR on purchases.
  4. Crash damage waiver for rented cars: You can receive assistance with your Wells Fargo Autograph Visa Credit Card if your rental car is stolen or damaged in an accident. In order to profit from this offer, you need to deny coverage from the rental provider and charge the entire rental price to your qualifying card. To learn more, see your Guide to Benefits.
  5. Aid with travel and emergency services: Using your qualified card, you can access travel and emergency help services in the event that you encounter specific problems while on the road.
  6. Free exchange of foreign currencies: Wells Fargo Autograph Card foreign transaction fee, Foreign currency exchange costs are not applied to the Wells Fargo Autograph Visa Credit Card. For travel purposes, this makes it an excellent choice for trips throughout the world.

A comparison of various rewards cards with the Wells Fargo Autograph 

The Wells Fargo Autograph vs. Discover it Miles: Find it Miles and the Wells Fargo Autograph, both provide free yearly fees and accumulate credits that may be used for a variety of products, including travel. Find it® Miles* offers limitless 1.5 miles for every $1 spent, as opposed to earning points in particular categories. This Wells Fargo Autograph Visa Credit Card, like other Discover cards, has an exclusive introductory offer: at the conclusion of the first cardmember year, Discover will double all cash back earned. More card perks are available with the Autograph card than with Discover it® Miles *. The Discover mobile app offers free access to your FICO score, and enrollment is required for online privacy protection.

Capital One VentureOne Rewards Credit Card vs Wells Fargo Autograph: The Capital One VentureOne Rewards and Wells Fargo Autograph Visa Credit Card, Both are free of yearly charges. Low spending limits are another characteristic of both cards that allow users to receive a welcome bonus. Spend $500 on purchases within the first three months of opening an account to qualify for the 20,000 miles that come with the VentureOne Rewards card.

Rather than a 12-month introductory APR on purchases, the VentureOne Rewards card offers a 15-month 0% intro APR on purchases and debt transfers, followed by a variable APR of 19.99%-30.99%.  If you transfer balances at the purchase APR after the first 15 months, there is no cost; otherwise, there is a 3% fee for each balance transfer.Although the VentureOne card and the Autograph card both provide travel protections, the VentureOne card also offers travel accident insurance2.

Wells Fargo Active Cash Card  vs. Wells Fargo Autograph: For those who would prefer a Wells Fargo cash-back card with a balance transfer and purchase introductory APR offer, there is the Wells Fargo Active Cash. This card has an intro APR of 0% on qualifying balance transfers and purchases for the first 15 months after which it becomes variable at 20.24%, 25.24%, or 29.99%. You can get the intro rate plus a 3% charge on balance transfers that are made within 120 days. Subsequently, there is a $5 minimum cost and a 5% maximum fee. Wells Fargo Autograph vs Active Cash, Given that the Active Cash gets an infinite 2% cash incentive on purchases, there’s no need to keep track of your spending in any one category.

Final Words: 

For those looking to accrue points that can be used towards a variety of purchases, the Wells Fargo Autograph Visa Credit Card is a fantastic choice. If you want to maximise your reward earnings, this card is also a good choice for people whose shopping patterns fit into the bonus spending areas. The Autograph card is sufficient to warrant a place in most wallets because it comes with no annual cost, an easy-to-achieve welcome bonus offer, and extra card advantages. Should you like to transfer points to travel companions in order to increase their worth, this card may not be the ideal option for you.

Frequently Asked Questions

For the Wells Fargo Autograph Card to be issued, what credit score is required?

The credit criteria for individual cards are not made public by card issuers such as Wells Fargo, but in order to be eligible, you usually need to have a strong FICO credit score, which is usually 670 or above.

The Wells Fargo Autograph Card: How does it operate?

The Wells Fargo Autograph Visa Credit Card earns one point for every dollar spent on other items and three points for every dollar spent at dining establishments, travel, petrol stations, transportation, popular streaming services and phone plans.

Can you use a Visa Signature with the Wells Fargo Autograph Visa Credit Card?

Visa Signature Cards are what the Wells Fargo Autograph Visa Credit Card is. Along with the card, you’ll receive key Visa Signature perks like access to the Visa Signature Luxury Hotel Collection and round-the-clock concierge service.

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